Thursday, January 14, 2016

In his own words: Taco Steve and his journey.

Taco Steve himself recently spoke with Develop New Albany. For hours and updates, stay tuned to Taco Steve's page at Facebook.


Get to know locally owned Taco Steve's

My journey with the Taco Steve Brand has been pretty short thus far. The concept of mobile taco vending certainly isn't new to the culinary world, but it's new to New Albany. I first had the idea circa 2009 when a good friend and I were leasing a kitchen in what used to be Connor's Place on Market street in downtown NA. We felt that the downtown revitalization was just beginning to get sure footing. We wanted to be a part of the boom.

My tacos are usually served with a choice of 3-4 different meats, usually Chipotle Chicken, Pork Verde and Chorizo with Yukon Gold Potatoes and Cabbage. Occasionally I'll do an Asian style Soy-Ginger Chicken taco w/ Sesame and Rice Vinegar Slaw, or a Pork and Granny Smith Apple Mojo taco.

Appetizers include Fresh Guacamole (made to order), Chorizo Nachos, Black Bean Mash w/ Cheddar, and sometimes Chicken Wings in Valentina Buffalo Sauce. The wings are a hard sell for lunch, so they'll usually only be available in the evening.

I've been very fortunate to have a group of friends and loyal customers that believe in me and the business. To date, I've only had one investor. But the group that helped me put together the physical entity is equally important. That includes Randy Smith and Ann Baumgartle, owners of Destinations Booksellers where Taco Steve is now located. They've been undeniably integral in the process. 

Also, Chris Schipper, Chris Dixon, and Craig Wilson, who helped me with remodeling (and forced me to keep my chin up when things looked bleak). The good people of New Albany's own Underground Station have been very supportive. Cisa Barry of Sew Fitting, Katie Traughber of Katered To You, Reecee and China of Underground Classic Cuts, and Andy Carter have all been very supportive. 

But the most important person of all has yet to grace us. My betrothed beauty, Liz Skelton, and our child Orion Juliet, is really what inspires me.

- Steve Powell

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