Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Don't you feel repression, just closing in around?" Must be time for a GOP conspiracy, says David Brooks.

(Political tunes from Chicago in 1972: "Tear the system down." Note Peter Cetera's chin beard. There was a time, folks -- a time before it became corporate)

As my friend S noted yesterday, "The dumbing down of the Republican Party is hilarious, but it is also really depressing."

When one pauses to consider that from bottom to top, the purportedly "democratic" party's response to GOP foibles is to drift ever further to the right, and to inform me that my only choice is to join in, only one logical conclusion can be reached.

Feel the Bern.

Time for a Republican Conspiracy!, by David Brooks (New York Times)

Members of the Republican governing class are like cowering freshmen at halftime of a high school football game. Some are part of the Surrender Caucus, sitting sullenly on their stools resigned to the likelihood that their team is going to get crushed. Some are thinking of jumping ship to the Trump campaign with an alacrity that would make rats admire and applaud.

Rarely has a party so passively accepted its own self-destruction. Sure, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now riding high in some meaningless head-to-head polls against Hillary Clinton, but the odds are the nomination of either would lead to a party-decimating general election ...

 ... Worse is the prospect that one of them might somehow win. Very few presidents are so terrible that they genuinely endanger their own nation, but Trump and Cruz would go there and beyond. Trump is a solipsistic branding genius whose “policies” have no contact with Planet Earth and who would be incapable of organizing a coalition, domestic or foreign.


Robert Lamm wrote the music and lyrics, and Cetera shares vocals, but this is Terry Kath's song.

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