Friday, January 22, 2016

Austin, Diana and the Great White Death, 2016 edition.

It's been a fairly mild winter, but on Wednesday we got some snow.

It was cold, and the white stuff was nice and powdery. Usually our snow is sandwiched around layers of ice, and living in a city with no commitment of any sort to walkers, it can be dangerous to use the sidewalks. Not so with Wednesday's powder.

After reading on Facebook that kids refuse to shovel snow these days, I went outside to clear the driveway and sidewalk. After a few minutes, Austin ran over and volunteered to help. He lives with his uncle in the building on the corner. We knocked it out. He refused to be paid, but I wonder if he likes pizza?

So, yes, they DO exist.

It's snowing again today, and I'll see about going out and cleaning up, though not until Saturday morning. In the meantime, being married to a woman who was born and raised in Maine is instructive. There, this happens every day between October and May, and she loves it.

I'm taking the long view. Soon, winter will be over, and my joints will stop aching.

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