Tuesday, January 19, 2016

As the Bored O' Works dithers, Auditor Clark provides a Floyd County YMCA funding update.

But still no word from the Bored as to why these cars are allowed to park on the sidewalk. Perhaps they're all related to Warren?

Earlier today, it being a Bored O'Works Tuesday, we took a look back to the autumn of 2013, and Warren Naps' dazed incomprehension v.v. something Jeff Speck tweeted about just last night:

Each and every aspect of the built environment sends its own cue to drivers, and too many of those cues say "speed up."

Just like New Albany's one-way street grid, although we can't expect Naps or a board charged with safety to waste time thinking about mere trivialities when there are street pianos to subvert.

Digging deeper, Floyd County's specific 2013 funding crisis (as distinguished by snafus occurring for years before and since) was referenced:

Flashbacks in the Annals of NA Dysfunction: BOW and City Hall ignore speeding on Elm Street.

... In other news, it has been revealed that amid a budget crisis of their own making, Floyd County's bumbling governmental officials haven't yet appropriated the county's annual share of the Scribner Place YMCA payment. In fact, the city of New Albany has paid both its $137K bill AND picked up the tab for the county's $137K balance due.

Remember back when the county approved the yearly Y expenditure even as the city council's Gang of Four still sought to railroad it? We sure do: County backs Scribner Place, Gang of Four scrambling for new excuses (September 14, 2005).

I asked Floyd County Auditor Scott Clark for an update, which he speedily provided, in stark contrast to Team Gahan's secretive tendency to stonewall information requests.

The County appropriated and paid the 137k YMCA payment in 2015 and it was again included in the 2016 budget passed last October. It is appropriated in the Riverboat fund.

That's good to hear. Clark's probably still busy wading through the hieroglyphics of the city's animal shelter financing report, as delivered to him by carrier pigeon after four months aboard the slow dog sled through the Yukon.

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