Saturday, September 05, 2015

Satire Warning: "Mayor Jeff Gahan Presents MyYard Urban Piazza, Dog Park and Beer Garden."

M noted this project out west, and it started me thinking about how badly it would fare in the hands of our own New Albany municipal government.

That why you can take your cult of personality and shove it.

Strolling through Quartyard San Diego, the new urban piazza

There’s a pig wearing a pink bow romping alongside a gray Great Dane at a dog park that just popped up in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. Their owners look on, some sipping craft beers, others uploading photos to Instagram the curious encounter. This might be called a dog park, but pigs are clearly just as welcome.

This is the essence of Quartyard San Diego, a 25,000-square-foot outdoor pop-up, watering hole, and urban piazza where the creative, weird, and iconoclastic minds of the city have been gathering this summer. The area houses a sizable stage, dog run, picnic tables, and games like ladder ball and beanbag toss, as well as craft beer-pouring and sausage-slinging restaurants, food trucks, and a cafe—all housed in 14 retrofitted and repurposed shipping containers. The space is a cross-pollination of people, pigs, poodles, and ideas from all walks of life in San Diego.

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