Thursday, September 17, 2015

McLaughlin: It's far too early to do the math on the water park. Come back in 2034, will ya?

Blair: Parks spending up, but so is revenue from fees

For someone fancying himself an independent, Scott Blair runs a great deal of interference for Jeff Gahan, doesn't he? Perhaps this owes to a shared suburban subdivision view of governance.

Meanwhile, there's a $9 million outlay for the water park, 32,000 visitors without sufficient parking owing to the absence of advance planning, a neighborhood street network snarled, and a parks budget in excess of $2 million.

According to my Texas Instruments Abacus, that's $448,000 in admission fees assuming each of them came at the top rate of $14.00, which means the real total is far less. Throw in some chips and soda sales, and the full-time salary for a part-time facility.

Oops -- now it's flashing different numbers: TILT.

New Albany council members positive about city's budget, by Daniel Suddeath (Pop-Up Cornucopia)

NEW ALBANY — More will be known about operating expenses for River Run Family Waterpark once the aquatic center has been open for a full season, New Albany city officials said Wednesday.

But while there may be some unknowns in terms of expenses, City Councilmen Pat McLaughlin and Scott Blair said they feel confident the New Albany Parks Department, and the city as a whole, are on solid financial ground.

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ecology warrior said...

mcwaffle is an idiot, fuzzy math is the gahan mantra.