Friday, September 25, 2015

LWV Debate 1 (N and T link): Why is Jeff Gahan terrified of a mayoral threesome?

Photo credit: Christopher Fryer, N and T.

The subtitle is very important.

"Voters won't see full-field New Albany mayoral debate."

After announcing he'd fly back from his son's destination wedding for last night's LWV debate at Wembley, Kevin Zurschmiede changed his mind and chose to remain with his family. I believe that's a civilized and rational decision, and I respect it.

We simply must not forget that the ongoing responsibility for conniving to evade face to face debates with all three mayoral candidates present lies with Jeff Gahan, not Zurschmiede.

It's clear that Gahan is ducking and covering, though he still might choose to do the right and honorable thing by attending the Leadership Southern Indiana session on Tuesday, September 29.

Yes, I know. It's advisable to refrain from holding your breaths. Gahan's already asphyxiated common sense and decency in this town, and there's no use in NAC readers becoming casualties, too.

The departing reporter Suddeath sifts through it quite well, and this is a solid overview of the LWV affair. Earlier this week, he covered the NAHA forum here. The raw video of last evening is here.

New Albany mayoral candidates trade jabs over platforms and personality; Voters won't see full-field New Albany mayoral debate, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune)

NEW ALBANY — Incumbent Democrat Jeff Gahan and Independent mayoral challenger Roger Baylor continued their verbal sparring Thursday over the future of New Albany, as well as decisions made in the past, during the second candidates forum held this week.

Baylor attacked Gahan's track record on economic development, citing the recent or planned exoduses of companies like General Mills, Indatus and StemWood from New Albany. Gahan accused Baylor — who has been a co-owner of the New Albanian Brewing Co. for more than 25 years and active in numerous other local causes — of being too negative.

"He's never done anything in a positive manner to help the city of New Albany," said Gahan, who is seeking his second term as mayor, during the debate hosted by the League of Women Voters.

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