Friday, September 25, 2015

LWV Debate 2 (video link): Gahan and Democrats feeling the burn, though not the Bern. That's the problem.

Fundamentally Jerry Jones.

Robert Landrum's raw LWV debate video can be viewed here. Note again that Kevin Zurschmiede decided to remain at his son's destination wedding, and missed the debate.

Let's give Robert a well-deserved hand. He's been right there at several key events in recent months, taking the time to film when others (read: city) couldn't be bothered. These occasions include Jeff Speck's and John Gilderbloom's (parts 1 and 2) vital streets presentations.

Last night ...

From the start, I knew that the League of Women Voters debate was being purpose-built for the incumbent, if for no other reason than the choice of venue.

I knew that whenever Jeff Gahan needed a boost of any sort, he’d merely shrug and say “look around you – isn’t this nice?”

Still, when he actually did it on more than one occasion, it was flabbergasting to think that the mayor genuinely believes that his $20 million TIF bond for parks construction has irrevocably altered the course of New Albany history.

Self-delusion among this city's Democrats has spread to a degree previously unattainable apart from the use of hallucinogenic drugs. Almost to a man, this city's Democrats gaze at Disney World as a daily inspiration, but significantly, Disney is not real. It's entertainment. It's escapism. And it's entirely imaginary.

As usual, Jeff Gillenwater provides the best capsule summary of the evening.

Baylor: The Gahan administration has spent and spent and yet the lives of most New Albany citizens remain unchanged. I'm perennially disappointed when local Democrats aim all our money and projects at the wants of upper and middle class suburban white people while real fundamentals like transportation and a level playing field go unaddressed. They never seem to talk about the local independent businesses who employ most people, affordable housing, income inequality, a living wage, or anything of the sort.

Gahan: I resent that suggestion. Anyone who can manage to get a ride to this multi-million dollar indoor soccer facility I financed against tax revenue for the next 20 years is welcome to use it.

There'll be more to say, but first, I learned something very important last night. It's hard to get a laugh out of a crowd at your opponent's home court when roughly 70% of them depend on him for their paychecks.

In fact, so many Democrats in that crowd owe their jobs to the mayor that if the State Police could have cited people for driving under the influence of The Kool Aid, there'd have been a road block at the park entrance and proceeds enough to build another bridge over the Ohio.

Part one is here, and don't forget: Indie Fest this Sunday at Underground Station, corner of Bank and Main in downtown New Albany.

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