Monday, September 21, 2015

Here are the mayoral candidate questions for the League of Women Voters "debate" on Thursday, September 24.

As the League insisted on using the 8-year-old photo of me even after I sent them a more recent one, I fixed the graphic myself. 

Transparency matters, and so here is what I received today via e-mail from Barb Anderson, president of the South Central Indiana League of Women Voters. The debate is at Silver Street Park on Thursday, September 24.

Part One: Explanation.

Attached are the questions for Thursday night. The debate for the Mayor's race begins at 6:00, we are going to be there at 5:30 and ask that candidates arrive at least 15 minutes early. Thanks for your patience in waiting for the questions please understand there were many who didn't want us to send them early, including media. So, no impromptu questions will be entertained. The debate was healthy in Clark County and we are hoping for the same. Thank you for attending and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Part Two: The candidate questions.

  1. What are your thoughts on our cities long-term potential? And if elected what are your priorities as your term begins in 2016?
  2. TIF – What do you believe the roles of TIF Districts are to our community?
  3. Cities such as New Albany have to address large-scale sewer repairs and projects. What will you do as Mayor to ensure New Albany fulfills and complies with EPA requirements and what will you do to improve and maintain the utility?
  4. What is the current financial status of the city and how would you maintain a balanced budget and still meet the capitol improvement needs of the citizens?
  5. As Mayor, what would you do to promote health and safety?
  6. Why should the people of New Albany vote for you?

Part Three: Previously at NAC.

Gahan is far more energetic in ducking debates than keeping campaign promises from 2011.

Stop the presses: Zurschmiede works it out, will attend the Sept. 24 LWV debate at the Homerdome.

Too many no-shows: Building & Development Association of Southern Indiana cancels its mayoral candidate forum.

Gahan's signature pettiness ensures we'll not see a mayoral debate with all three candidates present at once.

In letter, Gahan confirms intent to snub Leadership Southern Indiana and bypass LSI's mayoral debate (includes my return letter).

Gahan will merely smile and gesture toward numerous nice, shiny objects.

On mayoral forums and debates, no-show incumbents and "a spectrum of opinion."

Sept. 24 fix at the Taj Mahal: I'd prefer a genuine debate to a staged re-enthronement, but let's do it.

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ecology warrior said...

Wow those are tough questions, no doubt the Gahan campaign had a hand in these.