Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Gahan will merely smile and gesture toward numerous nice, shiny objects.

On September 12, the Floyd County Democratic Party will stage its fall campaign kick-off at Silver Street Park.

On September 24, the very same multi-million dollar venue will be the site of the mayoral and city council "candidate forum" held by the League of Women Voters. As I've pointed out previously, among the event's organizers is Linda Moeller, New Albany's city controller.

Moeller's  Fb profile picture urges that we re-elect the local politician responsible for her governmental position ... and of course, they're both Democrats.

When I asked the League about this, here was the reply.

We were excited because the venue was not going to cost anything and it was lovely. We are bipartisan and do not intend to favor any candidate with the questions. We look forward to the debate but consider a public space appropriate.

Contrast the choice of New Albany venue with that assigned to the Clark County session, and see the difference: Ivy Tech. It's a public institution, but not a building featured on an incumbent's campaign literature.

In short, there is no need to favor a candidate with softball questions when the venue itself is tantamount to the incumbent's home field. In fact, it's so much the incumbent's home field that the Democratic Party is kicking off its campaign there. There isn't anything especially non-partisan about any of this, and it's disappointing that the League persists in thinking so.

As we used to say at road games, this is some serious home cookin'.

A sports official that is blatantly calling games for the home team. Typically found in high school and amateur sporting events.

Let's just hope the News and Tribune's debate moderator doesn't bring his full arsenal of pop-ups and roll-overs with him. They could make for a very long evening.

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ecology warrior said...

it's bullshit that Moeller should be involved in the candidate forum, typical good ole boy New Albany politics.