Friday, September 18, 2015

Feedback: NA-FC school corp's "goofy 'no test = positive test' bunk."

Since Monday, when the New Albany-Floyd county school board approved a strange, Orwellian take on drug testing, I've seen several good comments, as well as this bad one, from a former local Democratic Party stalwart and elected official.

Hope this works out for the Best as should be imposed by all Schools! Hats off to New Albany Floyd County Schools!!!

Yay for civil liberties!

You're really a Republican, aren't you!

Voted for McCain AND Romney, eh?

Meanwhile, Bluegill writes just what I was thinking.

I've already heard a lot of parents saying they will refuse to allow their kids to be tested, challenging the school corp's goofy "no test = positive test" bunk. I hope they stick to that. A bunch of lug nuts that can't manage to fix a roof are going to fix community drug use problems? Authoritarian hubris knows no bounds.

Of course, Jeff Gahan's solution to drug abuse is for kids to go get wet.

I don't have children, but if I did, I certainly hope I'd react in the same way as this parent.

So, the kid in Texas with a clock, you know, the one that is probably smarter than all the teachers in that school combined, this should be a lesson for those that approve of NA-FC drug testing our kids.

If you have a teacher that wants to fuck with a kid, now they can. I instructed my kids they are not to piss in a cup for no one. They are to call me and I will be there with a ACLU lawyer before you can say unconstitutional.

The thing is, so what if a kid smoked a little before school? That should be handled by the parents. Now the way that it is that kid will be will probably be suspended, have a criminal record and be labeled before they get out of high school. And for what? Doing what half the teacher staff and administration has done themselves at one time or another.

Bull shit I say.

America and its ever-increasing infatuation of becoming a police state is out of control. Some keep saying kids need more discipline but it seems to me adults are the biggest fuckups in this world and the decision of the school board to apply this is proof of it.

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w&la said...

Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat.

(the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies)