Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NA-FC schools won't test administrators for drugs, but ...

The single best comment I've seen:

I'm interested to see how many students they test and the racial breakdown after a year.

Yep. As thinly veiled as veiled thinly can be.

New Albany-Floyd County students now subject to drug testing, by Jerod Clapp (N and T)

NEW ALBANY — After six months of discussion, students in the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. may undergo drug testing if there’s reasonable suspicion that they’re using illegal substances.

The district’s board of trustees unanimously passed a measure Monday giving administrators different tools and guidelines to implement testing on students. Bill Briscoe, assistant superintendent, stressed that the policy is meant to help students, not punish them.

“This is not about random drug testing, this is about testing when there’s reasonable suspicion,” Briscoe said. “It does define in this policy what reasonable suspicion is, it tells you when it can happen. It can be on school grounds, it can be on events that are off school grounds or traveling to or from school for events.”

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