Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blair still troubled by word use, confuses council record with "independence."

"Serving the people, not the party."

So long as the people (a) live in or near the suburbs, (b) favor the usual subsidize/incentivize economic development models, (c) believe that only bankers are qualified to use terms like "cost-benefit analysis, and (d) view unlimited TIF bonding as the politician's version of Viagra ... then perhaps Scott Blair really does "serve" them.

Problem is, these planks are precisely the same ones espoused by Mayor Gahan and the DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party hierarchy. I cannot recall a time in four years when CM Blair has introduced an "independent" thought in council. He might well have been One Southern Indiana's propaganda coordinator.

So, as a humanities major, let me offer help with those pesky words: "Serving selected people and the party."

Now at least you're being honest, Scott.

Just not independent.

Looks like I have THAT side of the market cornered: Baylor for Mayor: 3 Goals + 7 Platform Points.

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ecology warrior said...

Blair is a Gahan puppet