Friday, September 11, 2015

As Team Gahan snoozes, the intersection of West 1st and Main is an accident waiting to happen.

We've been asking this question for a while, and now that the Floyd County Brewing Company has opened for business, and the first tenant at New Albany Mercantile has been announced (Laurie Haag, owner of The Loft on Spring, will be leasing the entire second floor for wedding- and event-related shops), we'll ask it again.

Given that the intersection of West 1st and Main is becoming ever more heavily traveled by walkers, what is Team Gahan doing to make it safe for crossing, and walkable?

Remember the notion of walkability, Mayor Gahan? You briefly touted it once.

Can you afford to wait for yet another traffic study, when inaction in this  intersection quite likely is resulting in less walker safety in this area, as well as putting the lie to your claims of support for independent local business?

You'd do it for Kroger, wouldn't you?

Or is it only about nice shiny new sidewalks, and walkers can just go another block down to cross?

Oct 17, 2014: Must we wait for a traffic study to slow traffic and put crosswalks at the corner of Main and W. 1st?

June 17, 2015: Walkability might as well begin with the intersection of Main and West 1st, so can it begin now?

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SBAvanti63 said...

Maybe they are waiting to count the calls to 911 after accidents or worse. Parking will get more "interesting" and this will be a "cluster" corner before we know it.