Saturday, August 15, 2015

Maybe this photo explains why Jeff Gahan appeases Dan Coffey's homophobia.

Politics makes strange ... well, you know the rest.

All we can do is feel sorry for some of the other participants in the mayor's cookout. It must be disconcerting knowing that the hope of retaining one's working position requires fealty to those willing to tolerate homophobia, and being compelled to break bread with a bigot.

From earlier this year ...

Dan Coffey's homophobic council tantrum: The Video.

Newspaper's editorial board goes where Dickey, Gahan won't: "New Albany is stuck with Dan Coffey whether residents like him or not."

ON THE AVENUES: Dan Coffey speaks for Jeff Gahan and the Democratic Party … unless they say otherwise.


Iamhoosier said...

I'm still waiting on the changes in the local party that some keep thinking are going to happen. Y'all seen any yet?

I know a group where real change will happen. Not just maybe.

SBAvanti63 said...

Two thoughts on the picture:
1. Where are Todd and Warren? How can they be missing this grand opportunity?
2. I am pretty sure I would find a better angle for the picture if it were me. An empty storefront next door doesn't say much for the mayor's "economic development". Maybe he should have used the industrial park.

The New Albanian said...

Ah, but Warren owns the HQ building. Straight Outta Disney.

ecology warrior said...

where's the dogs