Sunday, August 09, 2015

Matt Nash is the 5th district nominee as the nutty professor bobs to the surface.

It's official: Matt Nash has been selected by the Democratic Party to be the nomineefor 5th district city council, replacing primary winner Dustin Collins, who withdrew due to illness.

More entertainingly, Vicki "Professor Erika" Denhart has broken three months' silence to denigrate Nash, the party and the process.


"No wonder our city is going to HELL in a hand basket!"

By the way, it's Burks, not Burke -- and Matt already announced his departure from column composition.

Interestingly, Nash has differed publicly with the incumbent mayor on several issues, two-way streets foot-dragging prime among them. The party's desperate imperative to remove primary loser Diane Benedetti is duly noted in this context, as she did not always toe the "Gahan as divinity" party line, prompting Team Gahan to not-so-secretly plump for Collins in the run-up to May.

Republican candidate Tonye Rutherford lost to Benedetti by less than two dozen votes in 2011, so the 5th district contest should be competitive.

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