Saturday, July 12, 2014

Three cheers for the Carnegie Center's public art project catalog launch.

Last evening, the Carnegie Center released its catalog of the New Albany Public Art Project: Bicentennial Series, and there was a pleasant accompanying reception. We looked back on the installations from 2010 through 2013, and were given the outline for a new Today and Tomorrow Series coming in 2015. Many thanks to Karen Gillenwater for the catalog and remarks.

Participating artist Leticia Bajuyo was at the reception, prompting a question: Do you recognize this work of Leticia's? It is called Cinergy: Black Holes.

Maybe it doesn't ring a bell. Perhaps it will make more sense if we look back at her 2010 installation at Bank Street Brewhouse, All Bottled Up.

At the time of dismantling All Bottled Up, Leticia vowed to reuse as much of it as possible. Minus the shelves that held bottles, some of the metal panels above became the basis for Cinergy: Black Holes, as wrapped with fiber optic cable. She gave us a delightful explanation of her thought process in all this; if only life imitated art a bit more often.

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