Monday, July 07, 2014

Mrs. Baird poses in updated Delacroix painting, embraces Highland Oaks People Power Revolution.

Just once more, let me get this grassroots democracy thing straight.

When neighborhood residents flooded the Plan Commission to demand autonomy over their street, council person Shirley Baird looked in the mirror, saw Corazon Aquino staring back, felt the People Power Revolution rush through her soul, and declared the victory of the ochlocracy:

The residents of Highland Oaks overwhelmingly opposed the road extension; therefore, Baird voted for the amendment.

All right; it's a deal. I bring a couple hundred Midtown residents to the council chamber to demand two-way streets and an end to the vehicular reign of error at our front doors, and you'll cave on demand.

I'm glad we are clear on this point, Shirley. I feel better, so much so that I'll skip tonight's council meeting to devote time to collating my collection of tiddlywinks.

New Albany council gets vote on road connection, by Daniel Suddeath (All About Jeffersonville)

New Albany City Councilwoman Shirley Baird believes there will be enough votes to remove a required road connection for a property projected to be used for baseball fields and a community park.

The council is scheduled to vote this evening on a resolution to amend its comprehensive plan. The amendment would abolish a portion of the plan that calls for Highland Oaks Drive to be completed to connect from Kamer Miller Road to Charlestown Road.

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