Monday, July 14, 2014

Drinking with the Dead Haunted History Tour and the ghosts of Crutchfields past.

Gregg Seidl's next Drinking with the Dead walking tour will be held the evening of Saturday, July 19, and this provides us with the opportunity to remind you that even though the "official" observance of New Albany's bicentennial is finished, decisions made by the Bicentennial Junta will continue to haunt us.

Specifically: It is rumored that among the dead objects to be reviewed on Gregg's tour are sales figures for the bicentennial commission's Crutchfield coffee table book. Hopefully Redevelopment didn't really need that seed money for anything important. Anyone know how many branded doorstops have been sold to date?

Stacks will remain when we commence the People’s Bicentennial Renewal (PBR) celebration in 2017, which is the 200th anniversary of the city’s actual incorporation. At pennies on the dollar, we should be able to stage one helluva bonfire by then -- or build a mausoleum.

Drinking with the Dead Haunted History Tour

Join me for a stroll as we explore downtown New Albany's nefarious past and explore the spirits in several of the city's drinking establishments. This is a 21 and up only tour, so please don't ask to bring anyone under that age. Tickets are $15 per person. The tour takes approximately 3 to 3-1/2 hours and is a walking tour held rain or shine, so come prepared. High heels are not recommended.

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