Friday, May 30, 2014

The Monster Truck Project.

I've been taking photos of the 800-lb gorillas hanging over any pretense our city claims to retain when it comes to completed, human-friendly streets.

Please take your own revealing photos, and send them to me. I'm working on a concept.

Above are four examples, not one of them reflecting Padgett's and QRS's use of prime streets in the historic business district for heavy truck traffic that surely contradicts every precept of walkability that we presumably are going to implement when Jeff Speck completes his street study.

The answer? I'm not sure, but the problem is fairly clear. Does the city intend to do anything, or shall we add the 18-Wheel Invasion to the list of historic, perennial non-enforcement?

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TSOLfan said...

I haven't taken photos, but E 9th has probably seen more traffic in the past week than it has in the past 10+ years we've lived here.

My best missed photo op was two semis backed up on our block waiting to make the turn on Spring.

The greatest part of the detour through our block is the fact that drivers are so inconvenienced that they must travel through as quickly as possible.

I'm convinced there's a "Best Time" competition posted somewhere I'm just not seeing.

My goal is to find a 3D chalk artist at this weekend's Chalk Walk Festival to draw us up a nice chasm spanning both sides of the street to mix things up, though, the art would be lost on those not bothering to look up from their phones while they cut through.

Oh, and I counted 3 trucks in the time it took to type this comment :)