Sunday, May 04, 2014

News and Tribune blasts Boomtown, Houndmouth for non-localism as Bill Hanson cowers during phone call to 'Bama HQ for further instructions.

There are times when the phrase "penal servitude" takes on a whole new coloring. Was the whole thing just a dream?

I ran into one of NABC's twenty-something customers while out for my walk, proving that today's youth can be up early on the morning after Derby, just like the old man.

The conversation turned to the forthcoming Boomtown Ball and Houndmouth show. He was excited, and since we've chatted in the past about like topics, I broadened the scope and reminded him that not everyone feels the same way.

He appeared puzzled, so I elaborated.

You see, there's this fellow at the News and Tribune, and he was tweeting last night about how the Boomtown event wasn't local enough, and as a localism advocate, I was being a hypocrite by participating, and NABC was just in it for the money, and that Houndmouth itself is populated by "some dudes who ripped off a Dylan backup band." We got into this big Twitter dust-up, and I concluded by suggesting  -- nay, pleading -- that if he felt so strongly about it, maybe he should be a man, lead the crusade, and publish an editorial or some such -- you know, take the whole thing public and let the people decide, which is fine by me, because I'm serene about it.

My twenty-something customer looked at me with a very strange, solemn expression.

"What's the News and Tribune?"

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