Saturday, May 31, 2014

"If it's designed to make people go fast, they will."

New Albany's street grid is designed for traffic speed incompatible with the stabilization of neighborhoods and the expansion of the downtown business district, thus actively contradicting monies spent and efforts expended to improve quality of life.

If current office holders and their appointees spent any time at all inhabiting the streets by means other than autos, they'd grasp the situation fairly quickly.

But they don't, so pedestrians like me need to remind them as often as possible that their perspective is skewed. There are elements of intellectual laziness and political cowardice as well, but why pile on?

Here's another example from Rhode Island.

Nice Try, But No.

This video is from Waterfire night, and is taken from in front of the police station--if people speed with impunity there, where won't they speed?


w&la said...

The Main Street project has been granted a 20 MPH speed limit to enhance the safety of the project and it's workers, but New Albany's posted speed limit next to elementary schools is 30 MPH.

Struck by a vehicle at 20 MPH - 5% fatality rate.

Hit by a vehicle at 30 MPH- 40% fatality rate.

SBAvanti63 said...

Drove down Spring Street this afternoon on my way to BSB. Kept the speedometer on 30. The only car that did not fly by was the one behind me. It could not get over due to everyone else in the other lane going faster. I am guessing they probably did not like my driving.