Friday, May 16, 2014

Historic home for sale in Georgetown. DNA probably approves this message.

From this ...

... to this.

Among other things, the past few weeks have been spent transitioning my mom into her new assisted living quarters at the Silvercrest development. She's up on the top floor. Remember when Silvercrest's future was uncertain? Now it's plush; as the Rutles sang, all you (or Matt Chalfant) need is cash.

Anyone looking for a home in the country? The house pictured in the first photo above is on the National Register of Historic Publican Places as the acreage where the Potable Curmudgeon was raised -- not, as was pointed out earlier, where I "grew up." The Paul Kiger Metro Group is listing it, and the pertinent information is available on-line. I hope the house lands in the right hands.

What a year, and it's only May.

Brewery events season starts now, with RiverRoots in Madison, and next weekend's Boomtown Ball. Next thing we know, it'll be Harvest Hellcoming. There's a downtown taproom business to reinvent, and last week, one of our cats (Veronica "Bugg" Buggsworth) passed away. She'll be missed.

Perhaps by autumn, there'll be time to properly mourn, but the curious thing about all of it is that mourning does not seem merited. Rather, new beginnings seem to be popping up everywhere. Amid the understandable disappointment as it pertains to Bank Street Brewhouse, there is a feeling of liberation and renewal. We tend to pay lip service to the need for change, but often find it difficult to embark on the journey, except that some times, the journey comes to you, whether you requested it, or not.

Many thanks for the many comments, memories and critiques. I'm trying to read and acknowledge each one; apologies if I've missed yours.

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