Friday, May 23, 2014

Foodie foreshadowing & denouement: Class With Chef.

Just the other day I took a glance at Gina Brown's Every Day Fresh, and while aware that further connectivity was afoot, the exact dimension was not known to me.

These two posts at the Destinations Booksellers blog tell the tale, and it is an encouraging development, indeed.

First, a tease ...

Ann and I Are Expecting

For some readers, this will come as a jarring shock. For others, it will bring tears of laughter to imagine us bringing a little one into this world.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking, except perhaps metaphorically.

Since 2004, we’ve tried to create a place for community, bending our backs to recruit, nurture, and facilitate the efforts of creators, whether they be communitarians, authors, or entrepreneurs bringing unique products and services to our city. And let there be no illusions: creators are the soul of a city.

There is always a dividing line between the creators and the looters, and hardly anyone qualifies as neither. One is either building and creating or one is extracting and looting.

We like to encourage the creators and it has long been our dream to build an incubator where they can do their thing without undue risk and with some infrastructure support.

... then, the hook.

A Kitchen Reborn: Welcome “Class With Chef”

It’s the culmination of a dream for Chef Gina Brown of New Albany. After more than 30 years as a professional and more than ten years as a chef instructor, Chef Brown is launching her own business and we at Destinations Booksellers are excited to become co-tenants with her.

Every Day Fresh with Chef Gina Brown is proud to announce the opening of “Class With Chef” [] in the former kitchen space of Dueling Grounds Cafe inside Destinations Booksellers.

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