Monday, May 26, 2014


Photo credit: Production Simple

Well, THAT was something, wasn't it? If I heard it once, I heard it one hundred times in varying combinations of words:

"Boomtown was Harvest Homecoming that doesn't suck.

Production Simple's coda late last night pretty much recaps matters on Sunday.

Thank you and goodnight from the historic Grand Theatre in beautiful downtown New Albany, and from the first Boomtown Ball & Festival ever! Special thanks to Houndmouth for not only curating an amazing festival, but also for playing one heck of a show to a capacity crowd in their hometown. Thanks to the City of New Albany, the numerous bands that played throughout the day, our generous sponsors including WFPK, and last but certainly not least, everyone that made it out at any point today -- we sincerely appreciate all of the love and local support...

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