Friday, May 09, 2014

A Tale of Two Hancocks, and other thoughts on the primary by Matt Nash.

You've already read my side of the primary.

ON THE AVENUES: Apathy or allergy?

... However, the more I explored the inner depths of my threadbare conscience, it became increasingly evident that lofting a middle finger on Tuesday against politics as usual in this sullen, stunted, centipede of a city held a certain, almost indefinable charm.

Arguably, Matt Nash provides a broader perspective, and that's what we love about the newspaper. Broadness.

NASH: A 2014 primary recap, by Matt Nash (Anti-Houndmouth Gazette)

Another question about yard signs was the design of one of the candidates for judge. With Judge Glenn Hancock retiring from the bench there were two people from each party vying for his seat. Republican candidate Jim Hancock had signs that closely resembled some that Judge Hancock used in a previous election.

In an interview in another newspaper candidate Hancock denied that he was trying to copy the ones used by the judge in previous campaigns. When I first saw the signs driving home from work a couple of months ago I actually did a double-take before I realized what had occurred. Besides the color scheme, font and design they are totally different signs. If you were to take a look at the 4-by-8 foot signs with a magnifying glass you would see his first name clearly in the disclaimer.

For a candidate to want to represent us as judge he should be above gimmicks to get elected. If he really wanted to differentiate between himself and the popular sitting judge he may have went ahead and placed his first name prominently on the signs. His opponent in the primary who has much less political experience or name recognition went a step further and put his picture on many of his signs.

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