Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Quality of Life Bond Bonuses, Episode 2: What do we do with all those Bicentennial books?

In NAC's new ongoing series, "Quality of Life Bond Bonuses," we've determined that nothing stands in the way of this city living like Dubai except our inexplicable hesitancy to bond a big line of credit and start spending it. Well, we've gotten over THAT -- "black gold, Texas tea, Falling Run, $19 million on TIF" -- and even with water sports, soccer fields and other line items already slated for action, there should be ample cash left over for smaller necessities.

Like all those soon-to-be-redundant Crutchfields ... otherwise known as the New Albany Bicentennial book.

Crutchmania: "It's a Grand Old Gala" (Tome Raider Remix).

Having already forwarded the money to publish a volume that Councilman Bob Caesar recently said was selling "okay," and had in fact depleted by one copy in Internet sales on the very day Caesar was queried (meriting either a bullet or a mullet), the city need now earmark just $25,000 or so in bond bucks to buy back the books it already funded, and then another few dollars for padding ...




Seat covers for
Caesar's Folly,
a.k.a. Rent Boy Park.

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