Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Quality of Life Bond Bonuses, Episode 1: Going mobile? Just put it on the card.

Welcome to NAC's new ongoing series, "Quality of Life Bond Bonuses." For those just tuning in, the city of New Albany has determined that nothing stands in the way of the city living like an Emirate Star except our inexplicable hesitancy to bond a line of credit and start spending.

ON THE AVENUES: On quality of life and newfound loot.

... Suddenly, after all those wasted years of miserly and penurious parsimony, forever lashed by the imminent tightening of ropes (heck, we couldn’t even afford actual belts), now petty cash is as common as litter on city streets bearing names but no trash receptacles. Verily, either Switzerland or Dubai lies within easy reach, maybe even Singapore, and all we need do to attain the brass ring is float a bond, build some parks, and kick back to watch our children win athletic scholarships and leave town, never to return.

While we're at it, what else do we need?

Safe in the knowledge that soccer fields and water sports won't drain the bond dry, regular reader IAmHoosier proposes purchases a Pedal Pub for use during Harvest Homecoming ... but there's more, because with this handy conveyance, city council meetings needn't be anchored to the Third Floor.

Of course, cheap red wine and ice cubes are not included.

The Pedal Pub brings the bar home with you, by Brian Krepshaw (CNET)

The Pedal Pub is a mobile bar built upon a steel chassis. As the name suggests, bicycle pedals are what moves the party along.

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