Monday, March 04, 2013

MIA: Investment grade toll study for the ORBP.

Leave it to a blogging free-lancer to ask the question:

Tyler Allen to Indiana: ‘Where is the investment grade toll study for the bridges project?’, by Curtis Morrison (Insider Louisville)

Last Friday, the Indiana Finance Authority held a public hearing on $775 million in bonds they’re issuing to start construction on the East End bridge component of the Ohio River Bridges Project.

IFA didn’t bring any information to present such as, say, that investment grade toll study we’ve been looking for. Rather, they were only hosting the meeting to be in compliance with the legal minimum standard of open meeting laws.

Considering the hearing was an hour’s drive away from where the project’s taking place, it was no surprise then there were 15 souls present - nine employees of IFA, KYTC, or ORBP; two of us were journalists, four were Kentucky citizens and one attendee was an Indiana citizen.

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