Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ken Pyle Medicine Money: It's time to step up and give Ken a hand.

Ken Pyle is a New Albany resident and longtime owner/operator of the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville. He's a legend, an icon, and universally adored in the food, drink and entertainment communities. I'd heard he was ill, and now there's a way to be of assistance when he needs it most. Verily, Ken has provided the metro area with uncounted good times, but more importantly, so many good vibes; believe me, the Rud's been a labor of love, and not a license to print money. Consider a donation, and spread the word.


Family and friends of Ken Pyle have set up a fundraising campaign to help with uncovered medication costs. Please show your support!

Ken Pyle is a prince of positivity. Whether it be with his family, his friends, his church or his one-of-a-kind establishment The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, KY, Ken has always emphasized joy and peacefulness in all things. Recently, Ken was hospitalized with an infection caused by complications with his knee replacements. He has had 2 successful surgeries but still suffers from the infection that spread to other parts of his body. Ken has Medicaid which covers his doctor bills, hospitalization, and what at the time of this campaign looks to be 6 weeks in nursing home, but his very costly medication is not covered. This campaign is raising funds for this.

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