Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the time it took for Matt to write this, 14,765 cigarette butts hit New Albany pavement.

Food and drink for thought:

If (in theory) both impaired driving and littering are illegal 'round here, and if bar owners are held responsible for customers driving impaired, then why isn't Rally's held responsible for eaters who litter?

I'm fully with Matt on these sentiments, and I try to do my bit, although the truth's a bit too obvious: We don't have a litter problem, we have a dumbass human problem.

NASH: Time to clean up this town, by Matt Nash (Bamagacious Jehoshaphat)

Over the last couple of years, as the weather started to get warmer and the official end of winter was right around the corner, I have noticed how much garbage was just lying around. You might not see it when you are driving along the roads in an automobile, but if you go for a walk or ride a bike around town, you will begin to notice it nearly everywhere. It is an epidemic that has gotten out of hand and it is up to everyone to try to make it go away.

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