Monday, March 25, 2013

Clere to businesses impacted by tolling: "Have some cake, dudes."

Because Ed Clere has long since picked his winners for the greater good of oligarch enhancement, he can afford the condescension. And how do we select which of us makes the ultimate sacrifice for Kerry Stemler's boondoggle? It hardly matters; we're all in this together, remember?

Southern Indiana proposes picking up part of Kentucky's tab for new Ohio River bridges to avoid tolls, by Marcus Green (Courier-Journal)

 ... State Rep. Ed Clere, R-New Albany, said he met with (Paul) Fetter recently and has seen the tourism board’s proposal, which he described as “wishful thinking.”

“Instead of trying to undermine a project that is going to be tremendously positive for all of Southern Indiana, I’d rather see them spending money on helping businesses that may be impacted,” Clere said.


Iamhoosier said...

I don't mind differences of opinion, but I do mind when our elected leaders won't engage.

Rep. Clere, when refusing to talk about the bridgeS project, said that he thought it best to wait until there was solid information on tolling and such for him to comment. The problem with that, as several of us stated at the time, was that we felt it would be too late. Now, with that "solid" information available, what does Rep. Clere say?

"It's too late"

Jeff Gillenwater said...

Worth noting in the above scenario is that, by the time Clare said constituents should wait for said information, he'd already voted to grant tolling authority to the governor and appointees sans further legislative review.

He'd already sold his constituents out but didn't want voters to know. He was just protecting himself in the election cycle as, despite unfounded claims of widespread support, he and the other shills know how unpopular the toll-based project really is.

That's not a difference of opinion. That's a lack of character.