Saturday, July 07, 2012

Two new exhibitions at the Gamborg Gallery.

From time to time, I reintroduce my friend Allan Gamborg. He's Danish by birth, a longtime resident of Moscow and a citizen of the world.

Allan has enjoyed much success in his "second" (third? fifth?) career as a purveyor and advocate of Soviet-era art and artists. You can use the handy Blogger search here at NAC, use "Gamborg" as the search term, and see previous postings.

It's always worth a few minutes to peruse the art, and you need not be a Commie to enjoy the links to Allan's on-line galleries. As in the past, permit me to thank Allan for his boundless hospitality and for allowing me to share his latest links.

Dear Friends,
We have two new exhibitions on the web:

A series of Soviet fashion designs from the Moscow textile Institute by artists Slava Zaitsev, Irina Trofimova, Natalia Zhovtsis, Irina Kulakova, Boris Derzhavin, Tatyana Nikiforova, and Ninel Ryndich.

Late 1970s pastels and lithographs of the Russian village, the Soviet circus, Commedia dell’Arte,  and old Russian Fairytales.

Enjoy the shows !

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