Friday, July 06, 2012

Trendy Philly chain screws local coffee shop as Greg Fischer yawns.

It must be time for a few million more in "Fourth Street Why?" subsidies to Cordish.

Urban outliers: Local businesses brace for new Urban Outfitters on Bardstown Road, by Joe Sonka (LEO Weekly)

Tucked away in the back of the lot at Tyler Park Plaza, Highland Coffee Company has been a successful locally owned business on Bardstown Road for more than a decade, serving organic fair trade coffee and gluten-free desserts to their loyal customers in the Highlands since 1999.

But their large sign on Bardstown Road — guiding customers to the store not visible from the road — has been taken down and replaced by the new tenants next door, who now fill the space previously occupied by Blockbuster Video.

Urban Outfitters — the popular corporate chain of retail stores specializing in hipster kitsch for a young demographic with disposable income — recently signed a lease with the landlord giving them the full rights to signage to go along with their name wrapping around three walls of the building. They are set to open later this month.

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Iamhoosier said...

I'm not a fan of Fischer but not sure what he could do about this. I see nothing in the article that suggests that the problem is caused by anything other than a private business deal.

Sure it sucks. Be mad at U. O. and the landlord.