Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Take two: Get off of my porch, Journey Church. Go away. Leave me be.

Good news: This one was on the door handle, not in the letter box.

Bad news: We just went through this on Sunday, and now it's more litter for the landfill.

Sunday rant: Get off of my porch.

There was feedback from a friend after Sunday's post, which refers to the handout shown above. My guess is that it's legal, but isn't it also legal for me to remind the church's roaming ambassadors of litter to GET OFF OF MY PORCH?

Journey is going to hold Bible school in the S. Ellen Jones (they must mean Ritter) Park this summer. Is that legal?

Here's the church's mission statement:

“Journey Church has a vision to become a healthy, reproducing community of believers sold out to the Gospel while planting new churches on the local, national and global levels.”

Here's their website:

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John Manzo said...

I guess you didn't get a charge out of their battery. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. I've seen several churches use the battery thing but it never really resonated with me. Alas, in many ways, they are often our opposite theologically, so it makes sense that I didn't get their battery image. Not criticizing them as much as recognizing we don't have that much in common.