Sunday, July 22, 2012

Songs about work 3: "The Show Must Go On."

If you're in the position of flamboyant rock front man Freddie Mercury and know you're dying, what better way to go out than this observation of what one must do in order for the doors to open for business on this and every other following day?

Strip away the window dressing, and finding the will to carry on with the show is what it's all about, every morning. NABC's mission may be interpreted as pizza, frites, beer and a ballgame on television, but what it's really about is performance. When it comes to performing, the show must go on. Most of the time it's fun. Occasionally, it can be quite grim ... but the smile still stays on. At least it should.

I'd post a few more of these, but I need to be on site. Enjoy today ... and remember, let's be careful out there.

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