Friday, July 13, 2012

Queen at Live Aid; July 13, 1985.

These clips are a primer: Stadium Rock Basics 101. I was watching at a pub in Sligo, Ireland, cradling one Guinness after the next and amazed that 72,000 attendees at Wembley would sing along to "Radio Ga Ga."


coachsullivan said...

The first minute of the third clip you have on there is as iconic a live concert moment as there is to be found. If there's any doubt of Freddie Mercury's claim to being the top frontman (live performances) of all-time watching him lead 72,000 through vocal exercises puts that to rest. Ironically, I'd put Bono (U2) #2 on that list and this is considered their worldwide breakout, same stage, same day.

The New Albanian said...

Agreed. I originally considered including "Bad" in this posting. The band's story about Bono's disappearance into the crowd, as relayed in their book a few years back, is priceless.