Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Novelists and non-fiction: Frank Bill's House of Grit.

Late last year, when we first encountered Frank Bill's name, he was advising readers of Granta to avoid the vicious, meth-laced ganglands surrounding S. Ellen Jones Elementary School.

Pair of sneakers beats a full NSP house?

There has been an animated off-line discussion about this piece, which appeared in Granta way back in September, when our attention was diverted from gangs to gaping bridge holes. My guess is that Bob Caesar won't be asking Mr. Bill to write the forward for James A. Crutchfield's bicentennial book.

There's still trouble in the heartland. Now it's out there in the fields.


Scorched Earth in the Midwest

John Sommers II/Reuters
Withered corn plants on a drought-stricken farm near Evansville, Ind.

IT’S July and the temperatures throughout southern Indiana and northern Kentucky are an inferno, in some cases scorching to over 100 degrees, and we know it’s not even August yet; it’s only going to get hotter. Several days in a row I get a mind-splitter headache; it’s so bad, it hurts to blink.

Frank Bill is identified as the author of a "forthcoming novel" called Donnybrook. His web site is Frank Bill's House of Grit.

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