Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today's last Tribune column for a while: "Let’s all say ‘yes’ for change."

Now the truth can be told.

After being forced to watch, naked and powerless, as I was publicly dashed to rumpled smithereens by the razor-sharp, turgid wit of the masked Chipped Formica Brigade at Kitchen Fable, I fell into a deep, dark, enduring depression, and I am unable to write cogently any longer.

Kindly note that I'm laughing my ass off, aloud.

And so, here's the finale ... for now. I expect to be back (a) after a primary loss, or (b) after a general election loss, or (c) after after a general election victory. After all, there is a Clere Channel precedent for public officials writing a weekly column, is there not?
BAYLOR: Let’s all say ‘yes’ for change

This will be my last column in The Tribune for a while, and there’s a reason for the hiatus.

I've decided to take a dram of my own medicine and file to run for city council in the coming primary — yes, as a Democrat, and for an at-large seat.

Because this very newspaper has a policy against permitting its columnists to conduct campaigns in print, and actually enforces it more often than the city’s own long neglected codes, I must return temporarily to the realm of the blogosphere.


SBAvanti63 said...

Best of luck in May!

MrG said...

Roger, we all hope your leavening will raise the level of discourse in the electoral process and, hopefully, will not go over everybody's head.

How/where do I send my donation?

The New Albanian said...

Thank you both.

Mistah G, I'm just getting around to organizing the financial component. Gracias, and stay tuned.