Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Gravity Head to you, too.

The traditional Friday evening opening of Gravity Head can be taxing to the constitution, especially for those entrusted with the task of quality control. Gravity may indeed be the law, but sometimes those laws bend and even break.

In retrospect, perhaps my worst decision was to honor the past by proceeding to White Castle immediately following my exit. There's really no need to set the alarm the morning after partaking of the fare at WC Lounge.

Don't worry: Diana drove me to snacks, and it was refreshing to see the extent of the curb service all day yesterday as patrons were dropped off to enjoy Gravity Head without their cars. I'm also happy that Matt's taxi service yielded money for the Special Olympics and Polar Bear plunge. In spite of everything, there are times when one genuinely enjoys witnessing people actually getting it.

Thanks to Ed "Homeroaster" Needham for the morning coffee, which propelled the subsequent preparation. Somewhere between fifteen and twenty people turned up for caffeine and doughnuts. Today begins with coffee at home, and easing into another appreciation of gravity's hold. Just don't expect a late evening from the Publican, who readily concedes that he's no longer a young man prone to gonzo.

Of course, as new waves come on tap, scientific assessments will have to be made. It's a difficult job ... (you know the rest).

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