Friday, October 24, 2008

Final "Big Band Dance and Concert" next Wednesday at Speakeasy ... then, lights out.

The following was forwarded to me moments ago.


Another Closing ... But With A Difference (The Speakeasy, New Albany)

Sadly the list of businesses closing, particularly restaurants, seems to grow everyday. In most cases they tend to go out of business with only a few hours notice. But here’s something different:

The Speakeasy, a restaurant, music club in downtown New Albany is closing. With a music policy of five nights a week for almost two years now, The Speakeasy was totally unique in that every Wednesday night dancers could come and dance to a 17 piece big band … mostly young to middle age dancers dancing to a big band of mostly young to middle age players. The Speakeasy was perhaps the ONLY place in America where you could dance to a full size Big band whose regular tune list included foxtrots, waltz, swing, jive, cha-cha, mambo’s, beguines, salsa, and yes, even tango’s. What a concept … just like the old days … but driven primarily by younger folks. The Speakeasy came close to making it but was ultimately brought down by the economy.

Here’s the pitch: Unlike other establishments skulking away in the night with little or no notice, The Speakeasy is going to throw one last Big Band Dance and Concert next Wednesday with the theme of “Party Like It’s 1929”. Appropriate? Very!

Lori Tharp, proprietor, singer, pianist would gladly make herself available to publicize the event. It’s the story of people with a very unique dream, a totally unique product who came this close and like the recently departed Jazz Factory … will go out with a bang. And, who knows, maybe an investor angel will hear the story and ride in at the last moment.

Contact me right away if you think this might be noteworthy … pardon the pun. And come party with us next Wednesday night. 225 State St, New Albany. Doors open at 5pm. First come – first served. Brad Tharp, trumpeter – bandleader will have the big band roaring by 8pm

Thanks …Terry Armstrong

Front Row Promotions, Inc.

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