Friday, June 02, 2006

Exotic dancers do their part for the war effort, don't they?

For those coming late to the discussion, Bluegill’s thought-provoking A Question for the Community and the thread emerging from it should be referenced.

In essence, my colleague asks: Can we locate a New Albany/Floyd County politician who stands for something, and if so, does his or her position bear any intrinsic relationship to local political parties insofar as these entities stand for anything?


I’ve gone back a few days into the Tribune’s archive for this:

A Time To Remember; Clark, Floyd veterans honor fallen comrades, by Larry Thomas (News & Tribune).

Marching east on Market Street in New Albany, Marine Corps Lt. Col. Ben Gipe lamented Memorial Day’s lost meaning.

Gipe, the commander of Floyd Central High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, and his students were among scores who participated in New Albany’s Memorial Day observance.

To many U.S. citizens, Memorial Day has become nothing more than the kickoff of summer — a day to roll out grills, speedboats and bikinis.

“That’s OK, too, but also pause to remember,” he said. “No one else protects our Constitution. It’s only veterans. It’s not lawyers or politicians.”

Lt. Col. Gipe’s lamentation bears repeating.

“No one else protects our Constitution. It’s only veterans. It’s not lawyers or politicians.”

As the son of a veteran, I’ll not quibble with the self-evident assertion that soldiers “protect the Constitution,” although it’s worth noting that chief executives periodically deploy fighting men for tasks seemingly unrelated to the founding document’s purposes.

But “only veterans?”

And: “Not lawyers or politicians?”

Am I the only one who thinks that the officer’s broad swipe at certain professions – certainly useful cogs of the home front – throws opens one of CM Steve Price’s infamous Pandora’s Boxes?


ceece said...

You know what else sucks about this? As far as I can tell, there was very little promoting this event.

But, that's the problem with most opportunities around here isn't it?

Kids, listen to me, Press Releases can only take you SO.FAR. You need to be more proactive in this respect.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben.

This statement is accurate. He is not saying others do not do things that support our rights, but it is the military men and women who have always fought on the front lines.

There are many others supporting the efforts but they are the one throughout history "fighting" for the freedoms we enjoy

We continually want to devalue certain professions and groups and by doing so, the complacency we have been talking about gets worse.

Why don't people choose certain jobs and professions?

It is because many want and desire satisfaction and recognition but continually are disappointed. Some people truly need to have words of encouragement to feel love and appreciated. It is their primary "Love Language"

Tim Deatrick said...

How does fighting a war in Iraq for oil profits protect the constitution? Or how did fighting a civil war in Vietnam protect the constitution?

Lt.Gipes comments are obviously the kind to expect from the brain washing the military receives, so dont criticize him Roger just pity him

Iamhoosier said...

While not disagreeing with your comments, we need to always keep in mind that it is our civilian leaders that send the military into action. If it is not a Constitution protection fight, it is not the fighting man's fault.

Anonymous said...


I believe in Evil. I believe there are people who want us dead and will continue to do whatever it takes to reach that end.

I believe that the comments you made are short-sighted and ill-informed.

I know I will disagree agreeably with many other bloggers on this particular site. It doesn't make either of us wrong, just in disagreement.

Oil is one of the many facets of this war, but not the only one. I am willing to admit that and hope others are as well

ceece said...
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ceece said...


Please tell me you didn't think before you wrote that comment.

Echoing IAM's sentiments, most of the soldiers I know (including My Husband) sign up, not to go fight a ludicrous war, but because they want to help others.

Of course most people don't hear about any good that's being done overseas, but why don't you give the 151st a call over on Grantline Road and ask to speak with LT. Paul Grube and ask him about their mission over there. Ask him about how the guys from that battalion donated THEIR OWN MONEY to buy the prescriptions for the pediatric patients of a local hospital. Ask him how one of the soldiers had his unicycle sent over so he could ride it to entertain the kids in the village they were helping to rebuild. Ask him what it felt like to be away from his family for over 2 years because he was helping families in that God-forsaken country, making a sacrifice many of us couldn't imagine. Ask him about that Tim, then see what he has to say about your "military brainwashing".

No Tim, pity you.

bluegill said...

Lt. Col. Gipe's point, I think, may be in reference to the level of sacrifice required. There are no doubt some in the community and country other than soldiers who are obviously dedicated to protecting the Constitution but, in general, aren't taking shrapnel as a result.

As we know from the Constitutional proving ground, though, human rights is often a bloody business regardless of whether one dons a uniform or not.

In addition to the three potential "protectors" mentioned, I'd add voters to the list and probably in the top slot. Aren't they and their ability to choose, after all, both who/what's being protected and the ultimate arbiters of how that protection is manifested?

It may be the collectivist in me, but I can't help thinking that if each of us gave just a little more, we wouldn't so often have to ask others to give so much.

adamp56 said...

To begin, it is Lieutenant Colonel. Mr. Gipe did not spend twenty or more years in the Marine Corp to be referred to as Lieutenant. Mr. Gipe had a very successful career in the military and has an impressive resume. He has also lead a very successful civilian life, certainly not what you would expect from someone who was brainwashed. While I cannot know what Mr. Gipe meant by his comment, I am sure that he knows the role lawyers and politicians play in this country. Before you pity Mr. Gipe, please call him. Or call LTC Grube. I will be happy to give you the phone numbers, but do not call me this weekend because I will be away from my home and family training to take whatever measures required to protect our constitution.

All4Word said...

I read the comment, New Albanian, and while a quote on the record is certainly fair game, I moved on past the hiccup it gave me.

Fairly or un-, I assumed LTC Gipe did not actually mean what he said, but confronted by a reporter, he issued a sound bite, hoping to make the point that veterans of every stripe (active duty, service fulfilled, reservists, Guard) go unrecognized.

But, Memorial Day is not Veterans' Day. Memorial Day is to remember the lives given (and no, I won't bring up S. Price's priceless defense of illegal gambling) in defense of this country.

Soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors take this oath:

I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

But back to LTC Gipe. Surely he did not mean to say that members of the military are the ONLY ones who defend the Constitution?

I will not stint in my appreciation for those who enlist anymore than I would have for those who were drafted in our day. The risks they take to defend our country and its interests, and their continued fealty to civilian control and republican government are worthy of celebration and memory.

But when it comes to defending the Constitution, they are flatly NOT the ONLY ones doing so. More than any others, they are defending the country, its people and lands, and its principles (including the Constitution) with their minds and their bodies. They run the risk of being memorialized on Memorial Day as having died defending their country and the Constitution.

But many, many others defend the Constititution who do not serve in the military. And some do it at great sacrifice, including death by unlawful means.

So, unless I hear otherwise, I will assume the colonel misspoke. I got his point, and I get yours, New Albanian. And I get Tim's.

Thank you, veterans. Thank you, families of those who've died defending us. And thank you to all who defend the Constitution every day.

The New Albanian said...

Permit me to repeat: I've no bone to pick with Lt. Col. Gipe, who I know to be a good man.

I italicized "only" for a reason.

Tim Deatrick said...

OK Ceece and I will also ask him about the marines who shamelessly slaughtered innocent civilians, that's really defending the constitution isnt it?

Or how about the vulture military recruiters who come to college campuses and prey upon confused disllusioned kids who are having a hard time paying for school but hey if they go serve their country and go help those souls in Iraq who dont want us there in the first place they can come back after 4 years and pay for that college education cant they?

Give me a break Ceece, the military isnt fighting a noble cause in Iraq, its all about protecting Bush's oil cartel.

You are too young to remember the vietnam propaganda but I'm not, wake up this war is your generation's vietnam.

and its one two three four what are we fighting for dont ask me it cant be that bad the next stop is Baghad

ceece said...

Tim, please do ask him about the Marine's. Ask him what went wrong.

Also those poor disillusioned college kids, don't give them too much credit there. Most 20 year olds aren't that disillusioned.

Plus like IAM said, if you ask these soldiers if they agree with this war, the majority will tell you no.

Please re-read the comment, I am not defending this war, nor Bush, I don't care for either one. So please don't put words in my mouth.
I am not asking you to support the war or the president either. I'm asking you to realize that when *most* of these troops sign up for military duty, fighting in a war is the furthest thing from their minds.

In the case of the slaughter, that was not the fault of the troops. Ask the ones who gave those orders.

It's not as though they can just say, "nah I don't feel like fighting today".Sorry. that's not how it works.

Yes, the war chants, how cute. I also remember a similar personal attackfrom you about a year ago, so I am taking your comments with a grain of salt.

knighttrain said...

I think the 151at was in Afghanistan, not Iraq. And at least 'in the beginning there was a difference in the mission and support from the locals, though it seems that is changing in recent weeks. I have talked to at least 20 eighteen year olds that have signed up for military service in the past year. Most are doing it for money for college and or a future job. Some, because of poor performance in school know at this point it is their best bet. I think the desire to serve for most of them, if it comes will come later. At least that is the way I have seen it lately.

Tim Deatrick said...

Ceece how is it not the troops fault that they slaughtered innocent civilians? We all have free will and an ethical obligation in our duty to other human beings dont we? So you are saying if an officer gave the order the troops had no choice, that proves my brainwashing of the miltary charge i made earlier.

Since you are in advertising maybe you should do an ad campaign for the miltary's continued unethical and unalwful behavior in the middle east. With the right 60 second sound bite you can sell anything cant you, even the glorious cause in the middle east.

as to the college students disillusionment, obviously the only ones you know are business majors and why wouldnt they be disllusioned they dont have any ethics either.

ceece said...

OMG, seriously I think my IQ is lowered after reading your comments.

So in an effort to preserve my intelligence, let's just agree to disagree. You think the military is a brainwashing cult, and I think you have no idea what you're talking about.

Bygones? :-)

Tim Deatrick said...

no your IQ has already been lowered by buying into the miltary bullshit propaganda, guess it comes with being in advertising right? It's all about image and not the truth

Tim Gipe said...

My brother, LTC Gipe, and I don't always agree on things. But please, PLEASE ask him about the Marine's "slaughter of innocent victims". And ask him "in person - face to face". And while you're at it, please ask me or my other brother about the Army or Nat'l Guard's "slaughter of innocent victims". I don't think you'll understand our responses unless you do ask us "in person". My brothers and I have proudly served this country (and will do it again) so you can ask such an assinine question without being jailed, hanged, or having your tongue cut out. Our military has made some mistakes - that's war. But if you think you can produce a 'mistake -free' combat unit - please feel free to enlist or check online at