Wednesday, January 03, 2018

VIDEO: "That's why we're here," Gahan flails amid a pack of lies in this classic footage from last night's Mt. Tabor project meeting.

Thanks to whomever posted this video at YouTube.

There's a reason why the forever agoraphobic Jeff Gahan's handlers keep him secured in the bunker, and it's because the moment any public scenario strays from the script, he cannot improvise. The more he tries, the worse it gets -- and the angrier he becomes.

In this video, observe his petulance escalate with each "that's why we're here," until he's demanding to know why citizens aren't listening to him, even as he insists his Potemkin facade of a meeting was to prove he's listening.

Chins up, Mt. Taborites. Your comments may be "unlikely" to produce change, but in 2019, your votes will help forcibly detach Jeff Gahan from the public teat.

Until the past couple of days, I felt sorry for Larry Summers. Sadly, it's time to get past this, and to get started.



Kelly said...

You actually surprised me Roger; you felt sorry for Larry Summers? Not only is he dishonest, he’s bad at it. At the Public Hearing in 2013, Larry stood in front of hundreds of people as 1 of 3 people claiming this project was a great idea. We wondered, who is this person? Oh.... he’s an engineer intern for the City of New Albany. I guess he forgot to mention that he has a biased opinion, And, I think he forgot that engineers must have a license, which are public record. Speaking of public record, he’s also forgotten that we (the public) may access his emails (as a public employee) anytime we want. I love that video! Too bad we can’t attach it to his resume!

The New Albanian said...

Until recently, though not any longer. I don't disagree one bit with your assessment. It always saddens me to see people you know get stripped clean by pyramid schemes, or sucked into situations where they swap their integrity for paychecks. However, I'm also mindful that most of us have been there ourselves, in one way or another. The 1% aren't faced with these choices; the other 99% are. Gahan's ruling clique is staffed with people who unfortunately have self-lobotomized, whether from big fish/small pond ambition, or avarice, or heaven only knows what else. Maybe it doesn't matter which. In political terms, the truth is brief and brutal: they've hitched themselves to Gahan's cult of personality; remove Gahan from the wagon train and the lesser minions return to room temperature.