Friday, September 08, 2017

BREAKING: US Postal Service joins #TheResistance20152019, draws line in sand at the McDonald Lane roundabout.

Tonight's satire is presented by ... hubris.

But I still think she means "uniform," not uniformed.

Neighbors upset USPS will only deliver to one side of newly reconstructed street, by Katie Bauer (WAVE)

Residents on McDonald Lane in New Albany are upset because the post office will only deliver mail to one side of the street.

The nearly $6 million McDonald Lane project added numerous safety improvements, including uniformed mailboxes on both sides of streets.

Right now, only half of the mailboxes are being used because the United States Postal Service will only deliver to one side of the McDonald Lane ...

 ... The United States Postal Service said the delivery route on McDonald Lane has been in place for more than 40 years. A spokesperson said the route is an “established line of travel,” which is the most efficient and safest way with respect to the rest of the delivery route. USPS said this has been explained at a previous city meeting.

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