Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mint juleps aside, "What Will Kill Neoliberalism?"

It brings me considerable joy to post a link like this one at roughly the same time as those horses run in that race.

But give me a little credit. This year I refrained from taunting you with tales of horse pimps, drugs, decadence and depravity. In fact, it rained so much on your parade/races/parties that I felt a twinge of ... well, something.

Maybe I'm getting soft in my dotage.

Neoliberalism is a societal hangover, so if thought provocation seems a bit much this evening, come back on Sunday morning with a banjo on your old Kentucky (and Indiana) home.

It's important, though not as vital as Star Wars Day.

What Will Kill Neoliberalism? by Joelle Gamble, Paul Mason, Bryce Covert, William Darity Jr. and Peter Barnes (The Nation)

A roundtable on its fate.

Massive global inequality underlies our era of economic and political unrest. The rise of nationalist, populist movements, and the faltering influence of the Davos class of free-trade advocates, have rendered neoliberalism an ideology without committed ideologues. So what will bring about the end of neoliberalism—the left? the right? the incompetence of the professional political class?—and, when it’s gone, what will replace it? We asked five of our favorite minds for their views on the direction we urgently need to go next.

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