Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Lots of entertainment" as Deaf Gahan shovels mud, demolishes public housing and fellates multinational hotel conglomerates.

You really have to wonder who (or what) writes these headlines at WDRB.

New Albany to fix traffic on State Street, invest $30 million into Daisy Lane extension, by Jessica Bard (WDRB)

New Albany mayor announces plans to turn hillside into sites for restaurants, hotels, office building.

The Daisy Lane and State Street intersection is some of the most high-profile land in New Albany because of how close it is to I-64 and I-265.

The News and Tribune's reporter helpfully clarifies.

Grady's story is here. I'm still waiting for that "professional courtesy" comp, Bill.

In my perfect dreamworld, a former public housing resident eventually becomes mayor, overseeing the demolition of Summit Springs owing to perpetual toxic erosion.  She charges the estate of the Kelleys for the hazardous waste clean-up, and invites an elderly Jeff Gahan to the ceremony.

Mike Hall shows up instead, and encourages all in attendance to attend Gahan's concert series with the Jimmy Buffet cover band.

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