Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Irv wows at BOW with a dose of their own medicine.

Over at the Hanson Ad Aggregator, a stiff upper lip is maintained as Papa drily reports the provocative conclusion of College Girls Gone Wild: Lynn Road Remix.

The parking issue was brought to the city's attention last fall after two homeowners said the house at 609 Lynn Road was full of college-aged girls who were holding parties and that cars were parking along the road blocking access to their properties.

Who says the paper can't muster occasional humor? After all, "action" is to be taken with a grain of salt the size of the Breakwind Lofts at Duggins Flats.

In other action Tuesday:

Irv Stumler, president of Keep New Albany Clean & Green Inc., handed the board a Notice of Violation concerning weeds and grass in the Main Street median, between E. 5th and Vincennes streets. He said the weeds "obstruct a driver's view" and need to be cut.

A citation? To the overlords?

The Green Mouse has learned that Stumler actually handed the bored one of its own ordinance violation citations, with liquid paper judiciously applied and text rewritten. That's funny, even if Stumler's perennially ill-informed two-way streets allergy isn't.

In truth, sight lines have become very unsafe in the area of the Main Street Beautification and Property Value Enhancement Project.

The problem is that while east-west speeds have remained high (the median creates two unimpeded chutes, unnecessarily buffering the slowing effect of two-way, head-on traffic), users approaching from side streets -- including drivers, walkers and bicyclists -- can't see to cross Main or turn onto it.

More than a few city employees and sycophants live on Main Street, among them Scott Wood and John Rosenbarger. Surely they noticed -- or are blinders standard issue when it comes to junta maintenance?

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