Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And with a donation and naming rights to the little league park's ball fields, finally the Floyd hospital deal makes sense.

As a local journalist observes, "The headline is not something from The Onion."

Just when you though Floyd County government could not possibly stoop any lower, it has enshrined the principle that yea or nay, multi-million dollar public health transactions can be tied to sports.

No wonder Gahan was so steamed about Hammersmith Park. He didn't have a hospital to sell in order to buy what is now Summit Springs.

That ol' crafty Mark Seabrook really got the knuckler past Gahan THIS TIME, didn't he?

Floyd deal gives new hospital name, funds NA little league, by Lexy Gross (C-J)

The contract between non-profit hospital system Baptist Health and Floyd Memorial Medical Group reveals details of the acquisition not formerly made public -- including the new hospital name and an agreement from the Kentucky healthcare group to assist with construction of little league baseball and softball fields in New Albany.

A 67-page contract outlines the details of Baptist Health's acquisition of the county-owned hospital. By law, the contract was required to be made public 10 days before a final hearing and vote by Floyd County elected officials.

Mike Hall, a spokesperson for New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan's office, said in an email the city received the agreement and "the Mayor will be requesting additional information regarding the pending sale, and will continue to update the media and public with information received."

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