Monday, April 11, 2016

Whatever happened to the Tree Board, anyway?

The city's web site says that a Tree Board exists.

Tree Board
  • David Barksdale
  • Adam Dickey
  • Shelle England
  • John Gonder
  • Annie Savino
  • Claudia Shrake
At least two of these board members (England, Savino) no longer live in New Albany, and John Gonder lost his seat on the council. Perhaps the web site has not been updated.

On numerous occasions when trees have been removed, the following being examples that spring immediately to mind ...

Street tree removals
Bicentennial Park
Main Street Improvement Project
Thomas Street sidewalks
Beach Mold & Tool expansion
Summit Springs project off State Street
Greenway project

... we've asked how the Tree Board was involved, and whether the Tree Board was involved, and the answer we've received more often or not (when an answer is forthcoming, which is seldom) is that um, maybe, although we'll have to check.

If you can locate the Tree Board, please let us  know. We have a tremendous concrete- and asphalt-induced Urban Heat Island problem in metro Louisville, of which New Albany is part.

How many trees has Team Gahan pulled down since 2012?


ecology warrior said...

Gahan is stockpiling lumber for his side business

Iamhoosier said...

I believe Ann Streckfus is on the board. Or was. She was a Gahan appointee.

The New Albanian said...

Ironically, after she came on Twitter with a link to redevelopment minutes, I asked her if tree board minutes were available online. She didn't mention being on or off the tree board, and merely observed that they weren't on the city's site.