Tuesday, April 12, 2016

VIDEO: Summit Springs development and roadway proposals, Redevelopment Rubber Stamp Commission, Tuesday 12 April 2016.

The topic is Summit Springs, a huge hilltop property development off State Street, which apparently began forward motion (probably downhill) only after the resolution of a two-year-long lawsuit undertaken by the property owners against the city, which was resolved last October.

As no one outside the down-low bunker knows what the resolution of the lawsuit stipulated, it's anyone's guess, although this snippet of the development's enabling city council ordinance way back in 2008 (Z-01-18, I believe) contains a very important nugget.

Needless to say, no such secondary review has occurred, but a hillside has been stripped clean and the city has agreed to TIF a cliff-clinging road. The rest, as was repeated so often today, is merely the detail of responsible, civic due diligence by the very same design and engineering suspects as always.

The royal houses of Europe learned these lessons the hard way. From the newspapers:

New details revealed in disputed N.A. project, by Lexy Gross (C-J)

Favorable vote moves New Albany hotel development forward; Board gives OK to road extension work, by Chris Morris (Clark Chronicle)


The following four videos are from the Redevelopment Commission meeting of Tuesday, April 12. I'm the first to admit that I'm new at iPhone videos, but since the most recent RC minutes are several months old, I thought something is better than nothing. I exhausted available storage space just as former councilman John Gonder brilliantly spoke, and also missed the unanimous commission vote in favor of the road.

Of course, no road, no project. Many approvals are ahead, and maybe the property owners will surprise us and actually follow the letter of the eight-year-old law.

Speakers in these videos include commission members and representatives of the development company hired by property owners Patrick and Pam Kelley. The last of these videos is Aaron Hellems, who spoke against the project. There'll be more to say about this, but for now ... it's something.

Green Mouse Q and A, Episode 2: Let the city know how you feel about the Summit Springs environmental clustermuck.

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